Hayden 5 Studios

We’ve been back in Hayden Media’s studio again redoing their offices and we just finished up!  After remodeling their main studio room last Winter, they wanted to have their offices match the look of their studio.  The wood floors got a total refurbish as well as all the window sills.  In attempt to mimic the studio, we also added reclaimed lumber above the window as well as the column in the middle of the room.  Check out the final look of Hayden 5’s office below!


Custom Built Apartment by NYDAC with Reclaimed Lumber

Shelves in Wall Unit Reclaimed Wall Unit Reclaimed Wall Unit side Reclaimed Wall Unit shelves Reclaimed Wall Unit Shelf Reclaimed Wall Unit (2) Reclaimed Flag Door Knobs in Reclaimed wall Unit Top Cabinet Wall Unit 1 Wall Unit Counter Top Reclaimed Wall Unit Doors and Reclaimed Counter Top Window Wall Unit Wall Unit reclaimed Shelves

This is what we are building now.

Wallunit being built by NYDAC

Here is a custom Wall unit built out of Maple Plywood and Reclaimed lumber from an old Barn.


Mini Drome being built by NYDAC


And here is a section of a Mini VeloDrome.

Keep checking for more updates.