If anyone told us years ago that we would build a skatepark inside the illustrious Webster Hall, we would have told them they were crazy.  However, in April of 2017 Zumiez made that dream a reality for us.  #SkateLoftNYC is a concert Zumiez did with Addidas that featured elements you would find in a skatepark scattered among 3 different levels of the venue.  NYDAC built our 4′ mini ramp downstairs in the Marlin room, while the main room had obstacles on the main floor and the balcony.  There were stairs built off the stage with a ledge on either side and a rail in the middle.  Off to the side of the stage was a 3′ mini ramp, while on the balcony above there was a full set up with a quarter pipe, bank, a-frame, rails and ledges.  Looking back on the experience knowing Webster Hall is no more, we couldn’t be more appreciative to have been a part of the project.