Sign We Made For Howard Stern Birthday Bash – Adam levine – Purple Rain

Check out the Howard Stern Sign we made in the video below.

Adam Levine Performs “Purple Rain” At The Howard Stern Birthday Bash


NYDAC Recent Job for Mother New York on

mother NY

This NYC Ad Agency Captured Its Scent in a Candle and Delivered It to Colleges

Get a whiff of Mother.

NYDAC was hired to made the models of Mother NY.

Check out the whole story here.

Video – NYDAC Wall Built for Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Quick Chek New Jersey Balloon Festival Mini Ramp built for RedBull

NYDAC builds scoreboard for Red Bull Clasico De Vitilla

In September NYDAC had the pleasure to build a huge scoreboard for Red Bull’s Clasico De Vitilla.  Check out the pictures bellow!  Click here to check out more pictures

red bull clasico de vitilla

NYDAC Concrete Promo

NYDAC Building Red Bull Miniramp for NYSEA

Check out the Red Bull Sound Selct GIF Booth NYDAC Built.

GIF Booth

Figure 8: Red Bull Mini Drome NYC’s Rare Bike Race

Check out the Figure 8 Mini Drome NYDAC Built.

Found it here.




Red Bull Over Under Minidrome NYC 2015 by SAFA Brian

Found it here.