We love to create, period.

We’re builders at heart.

NYDAC specializes in carpentry with a focus on events. We have built assets for music festivals, trade shows, pop-up stores, brand activations, restaurants, and retail stores to name a few.


With a CNC, laser engraver, and vinyl cutter, NYDAC can bring any idea your event or company may have to life. Our fleet of 7 sprinter vans, 2 box trucks, and 31,000 total square feet of warehouse storage is surely enough to get any job done specific to your needs.

Meet the team

Ed Pollio

Ed founded NYDAC in 2007 when he was approached to build a BMX park for Red Bull in Brooklyn, NY and he hasn’t looked back since. Over the years Ed’s strong work ethic has set the standard for the rest of our team, and ultimately has been the leading factor in NYDAC’s success.

Ray Robinson

Ray is known as “the artist” of the group. He can take a few pieces of wood and turn it into a masterpiece. Ray began woodworking at home in Jamaica before coming to the US and meeting Ed. Since NYDAC’s beginning, Ray has always been our #1 finish carpenter.

Rodney Rocha

It seems like whenever theres a project that has an element beyond most of our capabilities, Rodney will step up and say “I got this.” Having dabbled in everything from carpentry, to welding, to auto repair, it seems like there isn’t much Rodney can’t do.

Mike Osso

Osso is NYDAC’s warehouse manager. With our main warehouse in New Jersey, Mike holds down the fort and makes sure all of our client’s assets are safe, secure, and ready to be pulled for the next event.

Lucas Rusinak

When he’s not out enjoying a concert, Lucas is probably working on locking down that next music festival gig for the team. While marketing/new business is his focus, that doesn’t mean you won’t see Lucas on a festival site building a brand activation (because he would NEVER miss a good show.)

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown brings a unique skillset to the table at NYDAC with a specialty in masonry and other flooring. He comes from Jamaica and has been a key part of our shop since he’s been with us.

Jose Puchalt

Jose has traveled all over the world. Coming from the chimney and fireplace industry, he’s no stranger to hard work. Whenever there’s welding involved, he’s on site. He is one of our top carpenters at NYDAC, and is always down to get on the road headed where he’s needed.

Paul Buschmann

Paul is a multi-faceted guy. From audio-engineering to skilled carpentry, he never misses a beat at music festivals. He comes to the shop everyday in a great mood, with great music, and great (sometimes exotic) food.

Mike Jaslow

Mike gets down to business when it’s time to make something look good. He takes pride in his craft and we can always rely on him to come through when we need him. He has a background in skills like plumbing all the way to carpentry.

Paul Fiumano

Paul ‘Truck’ Fiumano is always down for a trip. He loves to be on the road, at festivals  meeting new people. Wherever he goes, he brings his bike to find spots to ride in the new cities he visits. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that he’s one of our hardest workers, skilled in carpentry.

Aiden Sanchez-Campo

Aiden is always ready to get after whatever work is in front of him, bringing everyone’s moods up especially when it’s been a long, hot day. When the job is over, you’ll find him riding his BMX, scooter, or skateboard, whichever he’s feeling at the time.

Rob Bruni

Rob loves carpentry and traveling, making him the perfect fit for what he does. When on site or in planning, he likes to get an idea for the entire scope of the project so he can try and add something to the vision. Everyone trusts Rob’s taste. When the guys are on the road, everyone’s asking him the best place to eat, even if he’s at home!

Don Kahawevidana

Don only started with NYDAC in the most recent years, but he’s already become one of our most valuable assets. Don is everywhere, whether it be on the road for logistics or in the trenches with a screw gun. Don is always looking at things from a birds-eye-view, constantly lending his skills and ideas to the project at hand.

Peewee (Christian)

Born and raised in New Orleans, it wasn’t until Peewee started working with us at Red Bull: Terminal Takeover in his hometown that he decided to move to NY. Since then, he’s been a unique member of the team. On trips and at worksites, he’s got his camera on hand ready to capture the project through his own lens. His passion is photo and video editing, and is always honing in on his craft with his spare time.

Joe Martin

‘Brooklyn’ Joe has a unique role at NYDAC. He’s our top guy for jobs with Tony’s Chocolates, and is always ready for a call. If there’s a job in Brooklyn, expect to show up and see Joe already hard at work. When he doesn’t have a screwgun in hand, he has a microphone, acting as lead singer in his punk rock band Infandus

Mark Molina

Mark is always bringing up everyone’s mood. Whether he’s building a bench or has been sanding for hours, you’ll never tell a difference in his attitude. He’s been a part of the boxing community on Staten Island for the better part of his life, and brings that mindset to everything he does at work.


Nick is always ready for the next job, whether it be hours away or a long day in the shop. When he’s not working at NYDAC he’s working on his car. A big part of the drifting community, he is a hard worker that is always looking for opportunity for the company in every new place that we go.

Jake Lurker

Jake is always trying to learn from the next guy, whether it be on the CNC or out on the worksite. With a background in landscaping, he was not new to labor, but carpentry was definitely a new beginning. When he’s not working he’s usually making music, videos or riding his bike. 

Tom Mahoney

Tom is pursuing a degree in construction-management, so when he decided to start working for us his interest only fueled the rest of the team. When he’s not at school, he’s at work, learning and honing in on his craft. When he’s not working, he’s always either snowboarding or riding his bike, depending on the season.

Chris Hill

Chris ‘Tool’ Hill comes from a background of fabrication and design, so when he started with us he began making an impact almost immediately. He’s also heavily integrated with the skateboarding community on Staten Island and creates videos to showcase himself and friends.


Bob makes everyone’s life easier. Before we can get to the warehouse, he’s already got everything we need staged by the trucks. Rain or shine, Bob is always there making sure we are ready to go whether it be for a long trip or a delivery into the city. Born and raised in New Jersey , he has been tapped into the BMX scene for a while now.


Gabe is a fairly new addition to the team, but don’t let that fool you. Gabe is a hard worker, and always has whichever tool you need on his belt. He loves to have a good time during work, and makes sure everyone else is too. Whether it’s at the warehouse or a festival, Gabe is never complaining.