Warehousing and 3PL Logistics Solutions at the Heart of Your Supply Chain

At NYDAC, we’ve seamlessly expanded our innovative design expertise into the domain of Warehousing and Third-Party Logistics (3PL). We now proudly offer a total of 31,000 square feet of strategically located warehouse space, enabling us to provide superior logistics solutions that drive efficiency and fuel the growth of businesses like yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What additional services do we provide?

Beyond warehousing, our 3PL solutions include inventory management, order fulfillment, distribution, transportation management, event setup and more. Our goal is to offer end-to-end logistics support to our clients.

How far do our services reach?

We provide consistent  services to companies based in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and even to companies in Philadelphia and Connecticut. Our team’s always going all around the country whether it be for a delivery or a special job. 

How can NYDAC's 3PL services fuel my business growth?

By leveraging our expertise and strategically located warehouse space, NYDAC’s 3PL services drive efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and allow businesses to focus on their core functions, thereby fostering growth.

Five Warehouse Locations

From the Tristate Area to Baltimore, Maryland