Zumiez x Addidas host #SkateTheLoftNYC

Words by Ed Pollio:

When I was 10 years old my step father was a cab driver for Wadsworth Cab Service.  
I would go with him as he drove the cab around Staten Island picking up passengers.
Once every week my step father drove a man to NYC who worked at Webster Hall.  During each trip
I would overhear crazy stories based around this mysterious place.  Every week the man would come back with a new, wild story about something that had happened there.  The man and my step father spoke like 2 adults would normally speak to each other, barely acknowledging how bizarre the stories were.  As a little boy, this made me both amazed and terrified.  As soon as I could go to a show at Webster, I would.
Years later I finally got to see my first show there, which was Atmosphere.  Being able to attend a concert at a venue where both my parents spent some of their childhood was awesome, but almost weird at the same time.  It was great knowing some history before ever being at the venue.
If you would have told me back then that one day I would be building a skatepark in the illustrious Webster Hall, I would have told you that you were insane.  However, Zumiez made the project a reality for us.
Here is a video below of my great team working along with the amazing crew at Webster Hall building the #skateloftnyc for Zumiez and Addias. Thanks to Joe Fontaine and Christian Villacres for hiring us and adding to my amazing memories at Webster Hall.  One day I hope my children can enjoy Webster Hall as me and my parents have.

NYDAC Recent Job for Mother New York on AdWeek.com

mother NY

This NYC Ad Agency Captured Its Scent in a Candle and Delivered It to Colleges

Get a whiff of Mother.

NYDAC was hired to made the models of Mother NY.

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NYDAC builds scoreboard for Red Bull Clasico De Vitilla

In September NYDAC had the pleasure to build a huge scoreboard for Red Bull’s Clasico De Vitilla.  Check out the pictures bellow!  Click here to check out more pictures

red bull clasico de vitilla

NYDAC Built Ramp in the NY Times.

NY Times Online Write up

NYDAC Built Ramp in the NY Times.

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NYDAC worked on the Bounce Ballroom Event for the Red Bull Music Academy NYC

NYDAC worked on the Bounce Ballroom Event for the Red Bull Music Academy NYC

We built the Red Bull LED Light Boxes and the 3 sided DJ Desk.

House - Performance House - Performance Jersey Club Dance Style - Performance

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NYDAC worked on Howard Stern 60th Birthday Party at Hammerstein Ballroom

desk and sign built by NYDAC

Desk built by NYDAC

Sign built by NYDAC

Mass Appeal Bodega DJ by NYDAC

Mass Appeal - Ghetto Gastro Bodega DJ Desk

Mass Appeal - Ghetto Gastro Bodega DJ Desk 2

NYDAC built a DJ Deck in a Bodega style for Mass Appeal for its event with Ghetto Gastro.

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Kee Lite Bench and Railing in Cap City In New Jersey

Kee Lite Bench and Railing in Retail Store

Kee Lite Aluminum Pipe Fittings work great when designing for an industrial modern feel.  Edward Pollio with New York Design and Construction designed and installed these racks, benches and railing at Cap City in West New York.  Here is what Ed had to say about his bench:


The bench is constructed of layers of oak plywood with solid oak around the outside to cover the edge of the plywood.There is 5 layers of plywood on the bench the top and bottom layers are 5’ by 30’‘. The inside layers of the bench are made up of scrap waste plywood that was left over from other projects. Instead of throwing out the waste we used it.

A great use of components old and new.


NYDAC worked on the Redbull DFA Records Event in Grand Prospect Hall Brooklyn


Custom Built DJ Desk for Shit Robot


130528-dfa-1 130528-dfa-2

Custom Built DJ Desk for James Murphy.

Event Participant - Performance shit-robot

DJ Desk Design and Built by NYDAC for Redbull Music Academy Drum Majors Event in the NY Times Page 2 May 25th 2013

DJ Desk Design and Built by NYDAC for Redbull Music Academy Drum Majors Event in the NY Times Page 2  May 25th 2013DJ Desk Design and Built by NYDAC for Redbull Music Academy Drum Majors Event in the NY Times Page 2  May 25th 2013