Philip Plein X Red Bull UFO

Philip Plein x Red Bull UFO for NY Fashion Week

For New York fashion week, Philip Plein partnered up with Red Bull to make something special and unique for their fashion show.  Philip Plein was bringing in a huge UFO and Red Bull had the idea to bring in a Red Bull cooler modeled to look like the real UFO in the fashion show.  With a quick turnaround of only 2 days, Red Bull new it was a perfect job for NYDAC.

We constructed the 4 foot tall, 6 foot wide cooler mainly out of wood and plexi glass.  Inside the UFO was LED lighting shining up through the plexiglass as well as 8 speakers with an aux chord to play music.  With some black paint and some Philip Plein logos to finish it off, the UFO was ready to serve up some Red Bull and some tunes for NY Fashion Week in just under 2 days.