Artistry Beauty Fest

The 3 city tour for the #ArtistryBeautyFest just came to an end and what a blast it was! NYDAC traveled to Austin, Chicago and Miami for this event and the outcome of each stop was overwhelmingly positive. Each stop contained 3 separate booths where attendees could try out some Artistry makeup products by professional makeup artists. Along with the 3 booths, NYDAC also created both a swing and a faux taxi cab for attendees to take pictures in. With each event hitting max capacity of attendees, the tour couldn’t have been a bigger success!



Red Bull Tiki Bar

Sometimes we don’t simply build an activation, we tour it around the country too. We have built the Red Bull Tiki bar twice this Summer already and we aren’t done yet! Pictured below is the tiki bar at both Firefly Music Festival and Forecastle Festival. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet keep your eyes peeled for it the rest of the Summer!


Red Bull craft cocktail bar at Firefly Music Festival

NYDAC was back at Firefly Music Festival to build out Red Bull’s craft cocktail bar and we couldn’t have been more excited!  Being familiar with the build already allowed us to add more detail and change the bar up a bit to keep the build looking fresh.  The cocktail bar yet again proved to be a HUGE hit, leaving both the client and festival goers blown away by the experience provided.  Check out some pictures of the build as well as the finished product!


3D printed organs

With the help of Assembyl 3D Printing and Mike Tee NYDAC had the opportunity to bring these 3D printed human organs to life for a client! The organs were all 3D printed by Assembyl 3D Printing and hand painted by Mike Tee. NYDAC then created these plexiglass stand for the organs to sit on as well as wooden pedestals. Think you can name all 7 organs?



Bose at the American Academy of Audiology Conference

Bose introduced a new line of conversation enhancement headphones and needed a sleek booth built to show of their new product. Last month NYDAC created the custom booth and hauled it down to Nashville, TN for the American Academy of Audiology conference.  The booth was a huge hit and proved successful in showing off the new hearphones.  Check out pictures of the booth below!




Spotify logo

Spotify had an event for investors in NYC and NYDAC was lucky enough to build this life sized Spotify logo for them! The entire logo is mounted to a metal stand that was made entirely custom for our large CNC letters.


Rebranding of Downtown Staten Island

This week the Chamber of Commerce held an event at the St. George Theater in Staten Island to announce the rebranding of Downtown Staten Island.  This rebranding comes with new development in the area surrounding the ferry in hopes to bring in more new businesses as well as more foot traffic to the area.  NYDAC, along with 5050 Skatepark, built and donated this photo opp of the new Downtown Staten Island logo for the event which was a huge hit among attendees.


Philip Plein X Red Bull UFO

For New York fashion week, Philip Plein partnered up with Red Bull to make something special and unique for their fashion show.  Philip Plein was bringing in a huge UFO and Red Bull had the idea to bring in a Red Bull cooler modeled to look like the real UFO in the fashion show.  With a quick turnaround of only 2 days, Red Bull new it was a perfect job for NYDAC.

We constructed the 4 foot tall, 6 foot wide cooler mainly out of wood and plexi glass.  Inside the UFO was LED lighting shining up through the plexiglass as well as 8 speakers with an aux chord to play music.  With some black paint and some Philip Plein logos to finish it off, the UFO was ready to serve up some Red Bull and some tunes for NY Fashion Week in just under 2 days.



No Ends: Denver

A few weeks ago we set out on our first road trip of the year for No Ends: Denver held by Doperoots. We were hired to build a small skatepark inside the venue for professional and AM skaters to come skate during the concert. At the end of the day the music was great, the skaters loved our setup, and all the attendees got to see a great show! Check out our pictures below and keep an eye out for the next location for No Ends!


Hayden 5 Studios

We’ve been back in Hayden Media’s studio again redoing their offices and we just finished up!  After remodeling their main studio room last Winter, they wanted to have their offices match the look of their studio.  The wood floors got a total refurbish as well as all the window sills.  In attempt to mimic the studio, we also added reclaimed lumber above the window as well as the column in the middle of the room.  Check out the final look of Hayden 5’s office below!