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Carpentry with a focus on music festivals, trade shows, pop-up stores and more...

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New York Design And Construction was started by Ed Pollio in 2007. Previous to starting NYDAC, Ed worked in large commercial construction jobs like the AOL/Time Warner building.

While jobs like this are where much of Ed’s formal experience comes from, it really began with ramp building. As a life-long BMX bike rider, Ed always had a passion to build ramps and skateparks. Through this passion he learned the importance of being creative, finding solutions to problems in his work, and to simply care about the work being done.

Building has always been a passion of Ed’s and the rest of the NYDAC team is no different. This background has instilled in the company the idea that no job is worth doing if you are not going to do it right.



With the ability to create both 3D and CAD renderings, we can bring your ideas one step closer to reality.

Build and Install

Need a CNC sign made? Sure. Want a custom trade show booth built? No problem. Looking for someone to build a skatepark inside a concert hall? We’re your crew.

Deliver / Logistics

When you hire NYDAC to build a piece for your event, we want to make sure it get’s there in one piece. Thats why we offer all our clients delivery after the build is complete.


Don’t want to get rid of all the beautiful assets acquired from your event but have no where to store them? With multiple storage locations around NY and NJ, NYDAC has you covered.

Ideas turned to reality