Clutter Storage

We were hired by Clutter to design, fabricate, build, and install shelves, racks, and signs for their storage room in Brooklyn, NY.  

Red Bull: Amaphiko Academy

As always, we were happy to help design and create custom signage for Amaphiko, a Talent Academy hosted by Red Bull. Installed in New York City.

Fun with Friends 2022

We’re super excited to work with ‘Fun With Friends’ this year! Last year, we constructed a custom wall at numerous sites throughout the summer for a challenge: “Take a Shot for a Shot”. This was a part of a Hornitos Tequila activation. Installed in Brooklyn, NY.

Red Bull: Walk The Line

We worked to bring together ‘Walk the Line’, an event hosted by Red Bull in Nashville, Tennessee. The event was a ton of fun, and this custom sign is one we’re definitely proud of, with LED backglow.

‘Ready to Be’ by TWICE: Album Release Event

We were happy to be a part of TWICE’s album release event, installed at the Empire State Building in Manhattan, NY. We were hired by OTR Collective to build and install a custom table, wall, and sign for the broadcast.

Formula E 2022

We were hired by Throwing Star Productions to build and install different structures for the Formula E 2022. Installed in Red Bank, Brooklyn.

Louder Than Life

We’re excited to work with Danny Wimmer Productions this summer! We were hired to construct pillars, activations, and art pieces as a part of the Louder Than Life Music Festival in 2022.

Tissot Displays

We were hired by Axis Marketing to design, fabricate, build, and install sales displays for Tissot Watches. Installed at the Conrad Hotel in Manhattan, NY.

Glass Animals at The Brooklyn Mirage NYDAC was hired by the OTR Collective to create an interactive venue for the Dreamland.IRL project put on by the Glass Animals when they came to the Brooklyn Mirage at the beginning of August. Check out the video by Gianny Matias to the NYDAC team get to work to make the Glass Animal’s Dreamland.IRL… Continue reading Glass Animals at The Brooklyn Mirage

Regina’s Block Party

Regina’s Grocery in the Lower East Side reached out to NYDAC for their Family Style Block Party in collaboration with Friends from New York. The guys headed to the Lower East Side to set up the Mini Ramp as well as tune up Regina’s existing outdoor seating to get it looking just right for the… Continue reading Regina’s Block Party