Red Bull Over Under Minidrome NYC 2015 by SAFA Brian

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2015 Digi Tour Build Out Photos and Video

Red Bull Regatta Build Out Video

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Check out the Mini Ramp NYDAC Built at the NY Sea Surf Week in Long Beach New York

MIniRamp at NYSEA Surf Event

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Mass Appeal Train

NYDAC was asked by Mass Appeal Mag to move a Train from Red Bull Studios in NYC and make mobile to install at the Trolley Museum in Kingston NY

Mass Appeal Train

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Check out the DJ Desk NYDAC Built for Red Bull Music Academy.


hudson-mohawke-at-red-bull-music-academy-festival-nyc DJ Desk by NYDAC


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Check us out on Youtube

NYDAC Custom Builds Instagram Booth for DigyFest NYC

photo 3


NYDAC was asked to Build a custom DJ Desk out of reclaimed Pallet Lumber. As seen in this photo Above.  Which after the show was turned into a fence.

photo 1

TV Surrounds that where also built out of Reclaimed lumber Cnc’ed and the logo was burnt in and after show were sent to the Facebook /Instagram Office for Signage.

And Custom Book Cases which also were re 2